Shakira vs. Gerard Pique’s mom: Video shows the alleged mistreatment the Colombian singer received

The separation between Shakira and Gerard Pique has been going on for half a year now, but the dirty laundry is still coming out about what was going on inside their relationship.

And recently an old video has gone viral on social networks in which the ex-football player’s mother is seen having a gesture with her former daughter-in-law, which has been quite criticized.

Shakira and Pique attend court hearing to decide custody of their children

Did Pique’s mom mistreat Shakira?

Although for a long time it was said that the relationship of the interpreter of “Monotony” with her mother-in-law was very good, in the video revived in networks by Shakira’s fans, an unkind moment of Montserrat Bernabeu with the artist is appreciated.

In the video it can be seen that both were talking next to Pique, and at one point in the chat, her ex-mother-in-law squeezes Shakira’s left cheek and subsequently makes a sign to her to keep quiet.

Shakira’s reaction cannot be seen because her back was turned to the camera that recorded the event, but it would not look like a friendly conversation, as Monserrat Bernabeu makes gestures with her hands and her face does not denote that she was joking. While this is happening, Piqu does not even pay attention to what is happening and talks to a man who is also in the scene.

Piqu’s mother does not want to see Shakira’s witch

Shakira placed a mannequin of a black witch on the terrace of her house in Barcelona, which looks directly towards the home of her ex-in-laws, a situation that has Montserrat Bernabeu very worried.

The Spanish program Ms Vale Tarde (MVT) reported that the journalist Marc Leirado Millan indicated that Pique’s mother had even talked to one of Shakira’s employees to turn the witch around and stop looking directly at her house.

Media pointed out that, despite this, the singer continued to place the witch in the same position.